Real Life Superheroes

Last night, I stumbled across a documentary on Netflix titled “Superheroes”. It is about people in real life who have taken on super hero personas and are trying to make a difference in their communities. At first, the people highlighted in the documentary seemed a bit off and I guess you could say strange. But, a surprising twist happened in the documentary at 1:06:55. The documentary highlighted how the superheroes were serving the community through toy drives and visiting the homeless on the streets and giving them supplies. This was happening in places like Orlando, New York and San Diego. Below is the link to the documentary on Youtube. Go to the 1:06:55 mark.

What these men and women are doing, whether they know it or not, is showing the love of  Christ to others in their communities.

The character Thanatos said two statements that stood out to me.

People have to be shown that people care.

There’s always been heroes. Just lately is seems there hasn’t been any and the world needs them.

Thanatos is right. As Christians, we have to show people Christ’s love and our faith through our actions and commitment. We have to show them that we know the ultimate super hero. The only super hero the world needs.

His name is Jesus.

See you on the third floor!