A Hug and A Smile

Last night, I had a dream about my dad. He died seven and a half years ago from cancer. I don’t dream often about him but when I do I am either totally surprised to see him in my dream and ask him “What are you doing here?” or I hug him in a tearful embrace. This time though, something ended up being different. In my dream, when I saw him, I raised my arm up silently as if to say “What’s up?”  and he asked me “How are you doing?”  I then walked up to him and we hugged. The difference this time was, instead of being tearful and anxious when we hugged, I was calm and full of joy. The hug we shared was in complete love and calm and peace. It was the most wonderful embrace I could imagine. Because of it, I woke up with a smile and a special memory I won’t soon forget.

I believe that the hug I shared with my dad in a dream this morning is a foreshadowing of the embrace we will get from Christ when we meet him face to face. An embrace of total love and calm  and peace. Maybe he will even ask me “How are you doing?”  If he does, I bet I will say, “I’m good”. . . with a smile!

See you on the third floor!

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