Madonna, Ellen and Horns

Are you ever in a situation where you watch TV without the sound? When I run on the treadmill at the YMCA, I am put in that situation. At the YMCA, there are a few TVs that are on, facing the treadmills, but you can’t hear the audio unless you have ear buds and a way to tune into the station that is listed on each TV. Since I can’t stand exercising with ear buds in my ears, I simply watch the TV without the sound. Because I can only see the images and not hear what is going on, I think the images make a stronger impression on me then they would normally.

Two days ago I was on a treadmill at about 4:45pm. As seems to be the normal daily schedule, one of the TVs had that day’s episode of the Ellen show playing. In the episode, Madonna performed a song that included men with masks and black horns in the production. At the end of the song, Ellen put on a set of horns and knelt down in front of Madonna. Madonna; Ellen DeGeneres

These images made a strong impression on me as I watched them with no audio. I wondered what exactly it was that I was seeing? Was I seeing blatant demonic imagery in the performance? Is it possible I was missing important details because I wasn’t able to hear the audio? Was I overreacting to what I saw or was there indeed a darker message beyond the music? I haven’t yet watched the video of the performance to gain more information. Before I do, I wanted to find out what others who viewed this video thought of it and the messages it contained. Let me know what you think.

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